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Premium Magical Girl Grab Bag

Premium Magical Girl Grab Bag

$ 35.00

If you have ever gotten a grab bag at a convention you know what its all about. Take a risk, end up with $50 worth of stuff for $35 find a new show or two. But sometimes they can be a dud. You like magical girls and slice of life anime only to open a bad full of 80's shonen junk. ewwww. Lucky for you I have set out to fix that problem. Our Premium Grab bags are sure to satisfy by being carefully crafted and genre specific. Even if you don't know everything in the grab bag none of it is junk, you may even just discover your new favorite show!

  • $50-$75 Value
  • 5-8 Items

Pictures are only examples! Items featured are a representation of verity not all of the possible items included. Many of our Premium gab bag items are selected individually in Japan so you never know what treasures they may contain!


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