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About Us

Hiya! I'm Shazami, Owner of Shazami's $#!%. This is my website where the dealers room never closes! If you have never seen me before I'm a business owner fresh out of high school! I specialize in

New, Used, Vintage, And original Anime Plushies, Figures, Pillow, Wall scrolls, Rare and hard to find merchandise, Tamagotchis, Cosplay accessories, Mouse pads, One of a kind Grab bags, Bento boxes, Asian snacks, Media (DVD,VHS, and manga) Posters and more! These things are Important to me as an Anime fan, I work hard to find the best products out there for you,Things I know you will love (and don't be surprised if I geek all over my site, I get excited about this stuff) I don't have a whole crap ton up now but its growing so check back frequently!