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Hey you! Yeah you glancing at my site Come're!!!!

Hiya! I'm Shazami, Owner of Shazami's $#!%. This is my website where the dealers room never closes! If you haven't met me before, I'm a traveling convention Vendor! I have been vending since the day I got out of high school in 2015! ( I still haven't had time to take off my uniform. Talk about hitting the ground running!)

  I specialize in both the hot in demand Items, and rare stuff you can't find anywhere else! I travel to Japan frequently and scout for the best merchandise, just for you! I will stuff my face at a character cafe or rock out at an idol concert just to nab some exclusives!

  I am always on the go, and so many of the items I get are one of a kind for my shop. Listing the good stuff is really hard for me. By the time its up its already gone and it its hardly ever worth all the work. If you are looking for something specific ( or really broad and generic!) , shoot me a message at . I will let you know if we have anything you might like, or If I think I can find it! Don't be shy, its what I do!