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"Magical Girl Anime" Stocking Stuffer Grab bag

"Magical Girl Anime" Stocking Stuffer Grab bag

$ 35.00

Hello parents, friends, and family of anime lovers. You have come to the right place!

  I am Shazami, during the holidays I dedicate myself to helping people find the best gifts possible for the anime fan in their life. When I was younger my mom didn't have a clue what any of this stuff was, as a result I god mountains of Tea pots, Chopsticks, bootleg merchandise, and embarrassing shirts with the word anime forced in to some generic phrase. As a teenager it further amplified the "My parents don't know me, they don't care" attitude. You guys do care, I know you do because you are here. This stuff just isn't easy to get into and very hard for outsiders to navigate. That is why I am here.

  This bag is great for fans of the Magical Girl genre. This includes Sailor moon, Card captor Sakura, Precure, Madoka Magica, and many more classics. If their Anime collection is pink and girly you just found the jackpot.

This is the super easy instant solution to filling a stocking with tons of little anime goodies! Each grab bag,

  • Contains  5-8 Items
  • is valued at $50-$85 regular price
  • Will fit in an average Christmas stocking
  • Comes with a smile guarantee ( if they are disappointed I will make it right!)
  • is free of Junk, non-anime products, and bootleg/fake Merchandise

If you have any special request or questions feel free to email me at 

I can handle a degree of customization, if you know any shows they like or have any specific details that may help personalize let me know! I also help pick gifts absolutely FREE!  

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