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Who is "Shazami"

  Shazami is a "Semi-Fictional" being. She runs this business! You can meet her at cons where she sells in dealers room and hangs out after it closes. She writes most of this site and social media. Shes an "Anime girl come to life" in a way. Her back story prior to her debut on the con scene and minor details about her life may be embellished for the sake of her character, but she can definitely hold a conversation , make real lasting friendships, and think about new company ideas in the bath tub on any given Wednesday. Follow her on facebook and you will see she lives a very full,busy life! 

To read more about Shazami and The gang click here!

What is " $#!% "?

...Can't you read the URL?

Is this merchandise legitimate?

Absolutely! Shazami's is *100% Bootleg free.

*Unless you went to one of our first couple cons back ln 2015 , I had NO IDEA what I was doing, how to spot a bootleg, or how damaging they are to the industry!

Do the products come from Japan?

Yup! We import almost all of our goods from Japan ( Excluding Original products, Certified Trade ins, and specially ordered items ) We order from reliable sources for New and Pre-Owned merchandise.