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Let the Shopping Begin! Shazami Claus's Anime Gift Help is Back!

Hiya and happy holidays! This year I'm excited to bring back the Shazami Claus Program!  What Is The Shazami Claus Program you ask? Its a system for helping parents, friends, and family get perfect gifts for Anime Fans!

  When I was younger my mother didn’t know the first thing about anime. When X-mas came around she was clueless. She wouldn’t ask me for help for fear it would spoil the surprise, but with the thousands of anime titles ( Not all gender and age appropriate) and so many different kinds of items she was never able to find the perfect gift. I still loved sailor moon but had moved on to much cooler and newer things at 16. My mother thought she had finally gotten somewhere when she presented me with a “ Sailor Moon Plush”. It was not Sailor Moon at all. Just a random girl I didn’t know in a Japanese sailor school uniform, It was also a bootleg to boot ( bad chinese knockoff). I was not upset but I wish she had someone to help her out.

  If you are a clueless holiday shopper you are in the right place! I can help you every step of the way in picking out the perfect gift for the Anime fan on your holiday shopping list! Just fill out the form in the link and send to to to get started. From there I will share my ideas and pictures of products until we have decided on something. Remember I'm your holiday helper, so don't hesitate to shoot me an email or ask a question! 

  If you are an anime fan, Send this to anyone you think it might be helpful to!


Click Here to go to the form!


We also have added New options for stocking stuffer grab bags Here

And a Whole bunch of savings from now till January 5th with our savings filled Christmas gift bundles Here

Sale Schedule!

Thanks giving day- Noon Thursday to Midnight

Black Friday- All day friday Midnight to Midnight

Cyber Monday- All day Monday Midnight to Midnight



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