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Sailor Moon Petite Chara Trading Figures set 1

Sailor Moon Petite Chara Trading Figures set 1

$ 8.00

They are sold "blind box" In japan and most places in the states, Here too! But the difference is here at Shazami's We offer the "Peak Premium" Special where you pay a little more to ensure the Character you want is the one you get.We also believe in bulk discount so you get the whole dang box for $60! (up to an $88 value!) (You get the cats in every case)

There is a random chance of getting a cat with each Bling Box

   This is where these particular figures get trickyEeach figure has two variants, one eyes wide open (A) and one winking or closed eyes (B).Because It is so difficult to find the right character and variant ( These do not have codes on them I hand open them until I get the one you want) If you want a particular eye type it comes at a hefty cost. CASES ARE COMPRISED OF RANDOM EYE TYPES

Tux mask Type A is Mask on B is mask off.


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