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PRE-ORDER Touhou Project Fumo Fumo Plush Alice 2020 Relase

$ 95.00

At long last, the ever popular Fumo Fumo line by Gift has returned!!!!

These collectible classics have been a "Holy Grail Item" on many collectors lists since thier original release during Comiket August, 2008 in Japan. Being notoriously hard to find and expensive on the second hand market, here is Your chance to reserve a brand new one!

These classic cuties are  20 cm | 8" (sitting)

With edits in the design from the original run this batch is new for 2020

"But Shazami these are Pre-order and its already 2021!?"

Yes! These girls have been delayed multiple times on the way to our USA wearhouse. Good news for you, is that everyone else has already sold out! These girls are on their way way, set to arrive in the states June 28th . You will be notified when your Fumo ships from my warehouse to you.

This is a Pre-Order item Estimated dates are not guaranteed!

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