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Magical Girl Anime Fukubukuro 2021 New Years Lucky Bag

Magical Girl Anime Fukubukuro 2021 New Years Lucky Bag

$ 55.00

Happy New Years!

In Japan retail stores have a special new years tradition called "Fukubukuro"

Each store has a limited number of lucky bags containing a verity of merchandise at a great discount! 

This year Shazami's is getting in on the fun with our own Fukubukuro!

This Magical Girl Anime Fukubukuro Contains

  • 6-8 Authentic Magical Anime Items from popular tittles
  • At least one role-play toy (pre-owned Grade A condition or higher)
  • At least One Plush
  • $100-$125 worth of merch (over 60% off!)

Series included in Magical Girl Category 

Pretty Cure (All series) (Guaranteed)

Sailor Moon (Guaranteed)

Magical/ Ojamajo Doremi (usually)

Card Captor Sakura (usually)

Madoka Magica (sometimes)

Minky momo (sometimes)

Symphogear (sometimes)

Tokyo Mew Mew (sometimes)

Creamy Mami (sometimes)

St. Tail (occasionally)

Mermaid Melody (occasionally)

Shugo Chara (occasionally)

Nanoha (occasionally)

NOTE: The pictures here are only examples! You will receive random Items likely not pictured here.

NOTE: Shazami's is an imports store that carries new and pre-owned merchandise. All Merchandise in this bag is grade A condition or higher (New or Like new). The Plush item is guaranteed New with tag.

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