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"Ita Bag" Full Size Backpack  Colorful Ver.

"Ita Bag" Full Size Backpack Colorful Ver.

$ 35.00

  Have you heard about “ita-bags” (痛バッグ) or, rather, “painful bags” (I once also have heard it interpreted as gaudy bag). They are the hardest expression of female fandom the world has ever seen. Basically you cover a bag with anything and everything of your favorite character ( I never quite knew what to do with my collection of husbandu keychains). To start you need a special bag With a clear cover to protect all of your expensive treasures, next you need undying passion for your true best girl or boy. Then you need to buy a crap ton of trinkets ( from!

  These ita bags are great, because they have a special zipper on the outside that seals your one true love in with no hope for escape *Yandere laugh*. No but really way better than the bags with button on plastic covers!

This Backpack style is the perfect side for travel, conventions, and school. It is our most affordable full size ita bag, while still managing to be comfortable and functional. Great for saving a few bucks to fill it wit more goodies. After all its whats on the inside that counts <3

NOTICE: The image with all of the charms in the bag is NOT the bag you are receiving, Just simply an Idea of what you can do with an ita bag! ( However this one is roughly the same size) 

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