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Hugtto! Precure Cutie Figure Special Set 2

Hugtto! Precure Cutie Figure Special Set 2

$ 15.00

New From Hugtto Precure, we have the second "Special set" of figures from the Cutie Figures Line by Bandai. (2018)

This set includes

  • Nono Hana
  • Yakushiji Saaya & Hakutan
  • Kagayaki Homare & Harry
  • Cure Yell ~ melody sword ver. ~

The figures stand aprox. 10 cm, and are beautifully pre-painted!

Each figure is available for purchase individually, or you can purchase a full set of 4 at a discounted price!

Note: This item is classified as a "Candy toy"(Shokugan). These items are available for purchase in check out counters of toy stores in Japan. Each one of these toys comes with a piece of candy ( Usually one small piece of gum, a couple gummies, or a hard candy ). We do not recommend eating the candy included past the products sell by date! Many of these items become quite rare, as many stores across japan are instructed to dispose of these items after they pass the sell by date. As a collectible site we do not keep track of the sell by dates for the included candy and do not guarantee any candy toys sold to still contain edible candy.

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