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High school DxD Rias 3D Opai Mouse Pad

High school DxD Rias 3D Opai Mouse Pad

$ 25.00

"Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of pain, numbness and sometimes weakness of the hand. It affects 3 to 6 percent of the population, You can greatly reduce the risk of carpal tunnel by using a cushioned mouse pad which can help prevent irreversible nerve damage."

And that why you bought this, nothing to do with the Anime tiddies.

Absolutely NOTHING!


Tits big...I mean I'ts big
10.25(length)8.5(width) And the biggy 1.25 inches
 thick around the bresteses! (gigity)

BONUS: Packaging doubles as a free jiggly boob/butt Jello mold! Put a coupe of cherries and your favorite booze in for a real good time!

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