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Chara Ada RWBY Yang Xiao Long USB AC Adapter

Chara Ada RWBY Yang Xiao Long USB AC Adapter

$ 20.00

You have integrated Anime into your whole life. But not where it counts! Figures my be cool and all but what about the things you use in every day life.

Check out this sweet phone charger!

This is no cheap gas station block, I Shazami Arlot, have had mine for two years. If you know anything about me i'm not the most organized and i'm constantly traveling. Most of all I break phone chargers. Not only does it still work the picture hasn't rubbed off or scratched one bit!

The charger is compatible with I phones, Androids, Cameras, Flip phones, speakers, battery banks, E cigs, I pods, even some toothbrushes! ANYTHING that charges via USB!

Compatible output up to 1.0A, 240V. (USB port x1)

Size: H60 x W38 x D17mm

Licensed RWBY / Rooster Teeth Merchandise!

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