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Bishounen Fukubukuro 2021 New Years Lucky Bag

Bishounen Fukubukuro 2021 New Years Lucky Bag

$ 55.00

Happy New Years!

In Japan retail stores have a special new years tradition called "Fukubukuro"

Each store has a limited number of lucky bags containing a verity of merchandise at a great discount! 

This year Shazami's is getting in on the fun with our own Fukubukuro!

This Bishounen Anime Fukubukuro Contains

  • 6-8 Authentic Pretty boy Anime Items from popular tittles
  • At least one plush
  • At least One CD
  • $100-$125 worth of merch (over 60% off!)

Series included in Bishounen Category 

Uta no Prince Sama

Diabolik Lovers

Brothers conflict

K Project



Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Yuri on Ice!

Idolish 7


Black Butler 

Show by rock (Male groups only)

Cute High Earth Defense club LOVE!

Kuroko's Basketball


Dance with Devils

Hypnosis Mic.

 NOTE: The pictures here are only examples! You will receive random Items likely not pictured here.

NOTE: Shazami's is an imports store that carries new and pre-owned merchandise. All Merchandise in this bag is grade A condition or higher (New or Like new). The Plush item is guaranteed New with tag.

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