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Double window Ita Bag 7 Colors

Double window Ita Bag 7 Colors

$ 32.00

  Have you heard about “ita-bags” (痛バッグ) or, rather, “painful bags” (I once also have heard it interpreted as gaudy bag). They are the hardest expression of female fandom the world has ever seen. Basically you cover a bag with anything and everything of your favorite character ( I never quite knew what to do with my collection of husbandu keychains). To start you need a special bag With a clear cover to protect all of your expensive treasures, next you need undying passion for your true best girl or boy. Then you need to buy a crap ton of trinkets ( from!

This particular ita bag is great, because it had two separate compartments for charm display. The bottom one is slightly thicker than the top for items like plushies and toys!

Length: 27cm; Height: 31cm; Width: 10cm

Notice: Colors vary from photos. The green is much more of a mint color.

Notice: This item is shipped from our overseas partner location, for the holiday shipping rush.Allow extra time for these items to arrive, and plan ahead (aprox. 1 month) if you plan on purchasing as a gift.


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