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It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Hestia and Bell Long Umbrella Naga-ITAGASA

It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Hestia and Bell Long Umbrella Naga-ITAGASA

$ 200.00

Japan is a culture of...Umbrellas?

  Yeah Rainy season is pretty intense over there. Everybody has umbrellas and you store yours in a rack outside of shops unguarded. Everyone in japan is amazed that you can leave your purse or pocket book lying around without someone taking it so these umbrella racks are safe, right? Nope umbrella theft is a rampant problem. Why Japan why! Also what is the solution? Why would you put a charm on your umbrella and make it more desirable? Because Japanese mentality.

  They aren't going to take an umbrella that looks cared about.Any other umbrella is an exchangeable item to them. Someone took my umbrella that I brought, I'll take this one, that person will take someone else's and everyone goes home with an umbrella. But it's not always that even someone who didn't bring an umbrella will take one assuming there are enough to go around and you will come out of the store to an empty rack. The way to prevent this is to set yours apart from the rest. Trust me no one takes a loved umbrella.

 You have two ways of setting your umbrella apart in anime style.Firstly buy an Anime umbrella, Duh. But authentic anime umbrellas are pricey... I did not know this. I saw an 8 in front of some other numbers then yen and thought to myself " Yep $10 with shipping that's pretty standard umbrella price." Not stopping to read the number and to realize these were intended to retail around $150( ). 

So here I am with 20 $150 umbrellas. Money is tight to you guys are in luck...

Take them for what I paid.

Full length non-folding (Makes you look like a dungeon Girl Pimp) , Full sized adult umbrella, Leather Covered Wooden handle, comes with waterproof pouch with handles.

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