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Big Plush Nitotan Haikyuu!! Yamaguchi

Big Plush Nitotan Haikyuu!! Yamaguchi

$ 75.00

  The Nitotan plush are super rare, high quality plushies from japan based off of the Nitotan rubber strap line. These are not prize items, they were intended for sale in few swanky Japanese Collectible stores. Selling out on popular direct import websites nearly instantaneously, your practically had to visit the Haikyuu!! store in Japan to get your hands on one of these babies. These sensational plushies are back, bigger, and better than ever! 

  The original Nitotan Plushies were small bag mascots, but these "Big Plush Nitotan" stand aprox. 10in tall and are the perfect cuddle buddies. They also all have removable team jackets with real zippers! ( Everyone knows every good Japanese Bishie Plushie strips!)

100% Authentic Niotan!

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