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Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Ken mcollins929 Print

Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Ken mcollins929 Print

$ 10.00

This is one of mcollins 929's newest prints. It is wicked awesome! We have several different size and paper options, As of now they all have slight white boarders and when you revive the print it will be watermark free, Now a word from our artist about this piece."Hi! finally drew something! it took a while and i have found out that i suck at drawing smoke.. ;~;
- i really like Tokyo Ghoul! its a really good anime and i am trying to get caught up in the manga but im only at chapter 90..such a long series but its really good. Kaneki is a very great character.
- i plan to sell this at ColossalCon this year in Ohio. if you see me there you can buy a print!
- well i got other stuff to draw and upload soon so there will be more"

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