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Glitter Heart Angel/Devil Wings Window Ita Bag

Glitter Heart Angel/Devil Wings Window Ita Bag

$ 28.00

Have you heard about “ita-bags” (痛バッグ) or, rather, “painful bags” (I once also have heard it interpreted as gaudy bag). They are the hardest expression of female fandom the world has ever seen. Basically you cover a bag with anything and everything of your favorite character ( I never quite knew what to do with my collection of husbandu keychains). To start you need a special bag With a clear cover to protect all of your expensive treasures, next you need undying passion for your true best girl or boy. Then you need to buy a crap ton of trinkets ( from!

NOTICE: The image with all of the charms in the bag is NOT the bag you are receiving, Just simply an Idea of what you can do with an ita bag! ( However this one is roughly the same size)

NOTICE: This item is shipped from our overseas partner location, for the holiday shipping rush.Allow extra time for these items to arrive, and plan ahead (aprox. 1 month) if you plan on purchasing as a gift.

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