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Attack on Titan mcollins929 Print

Attack on Titan mcollins929 Print

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This is one of mcollins 929's newest prints. It is wicked awesome! We have several different size and paper options, As of now they all have slight white boarders and when you revive the print it will be watermark free, Now a word from our artist about this piece."Hi! drew more AoT fanart. i still really love this anime even after like 2 years..
~i have a week until Colossalcon! i will be selling and i hope it goes much better than last year ^^
~i still have trouble with clouds and such. well at least i am getting better. i also had trouble with that weird titan anatomy x-x and i am still not sure if i like how i shade stuff..i feel like i ruin it when i shade it D:< i can't decide what would be the best style for me
~Well hopefully i can get one more print done before next week! i'm gonna draw non-stop and maybe die in the process..

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